Beer Guy

Hi. I’m Dave. I drink a lot of beer. Sometimes I write about it. I’ve been doing that as a sort of job since 2009. It doesn’t quite pay all the bills, but it usually provides a little something for beer money.

Maybe you’ve read my late, lamented beer columns in the Ann Arbor News or on, or you’ve seen my “Southeast Michigan Beer Notes” in Great Lakes Brewing News. Maybe you’ve caught my scribbling in Michigan Beer Guide or the Metro Times or on Thrillist or other websites. Maybe – bless you – you’ve snagged a copy of my book, Ann Arbor Beer: A Hoppy History of Tree Town Brewing. (If not, what are you waiting for?)

Or maybe you just stumbled onto this blog entirely by accident. However you got here: cheers! This is where I beat the drum about our thriving local beer scene, while occasionally opining on other related subjects. Grab a pint and join the conversation.

Updated: September 2017