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from an 1899 ad for the Ann Arbor Brewing Company

Ann Arbor has always been a beer-loving town. From the establishment of the first commercial brewery in 1838 through a century of German immigration down to today’s local craft brew boom, the amber liquid looms large in Tree Town’s quirky past and present. Find out how beer helped a former University of Michigan professor win a Nobel Prize. Discover the Ann Arbor doctor whose nationally bestselling home remedy book featured ale recipes. Learn which Michigan football legend pounded brewskis as part of his training regimen. Covering the exploits of famous poets, performers, and prohibitionists, local author David Bardallis pops the cap off the big beer history of this little college town and leads readers to “the best beer you can drink” in Ann Arbor today.

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What People Who Don't Suck Are Saying

"The history of Ann Arbor brewing, as told by author David Bardallis in his new book... contains elements of suspense, subterfuge, and downright bacchanalian excess at times."
Jessica Webster, "From bootleggers to brasserie blondes, Ann Arbor has a hoppy history," The Ann Arbor News

"Ann Arborites are known to love books and beer. Now, thanks to local author David Bardallis, we can enjoy both at once."
Molly Schoen, "David Bardallis intoxicates readers with Ann Arbor beer," Current magazine

"Ann Arbor Beer has a little bit of everything for everyone, kind of like dear Ann Arbor town itself."
Jamie Magee, "Book Reviews: Ann Arbor Beer: A Hoppy History of Tree Town Brewing," Great Lakes Brewing News

"Enjoy this book like the fine, rich, hand crafted brew that it is… An official 5-Lager Review!"
E.T. "Liz" Crowe, local author and Ann Arbor Beer Wench

"Local beer writer David Bardallis spins a well thought out tale tracing Ann Arbor's brewing history from its roots to the juicy fruits we currently enjoy at Tree Town watering holes."
Rex Halfpenny, "Book Review: Ann Arbor Beer: A Hoppy History of Tree Town Brewing," Michigan Beer Guide

"We didn't think you'd ever amount to anything."
My parents

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Updated: March 2014