Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ashley's Announces February 2011 Belgian Beer Fest in Westland

Belgium. The very name conjures up exotic images of... well, hell, I don't know. Jean Claude Van Damme?

No, scratch that. How about images of some of Planet Earth's most awesome and unique beers? Yes, yes, that's more like it.  Jeff More, owner of Ashley's, and his brother, Roy, agree, and as a result of their recent trip to Belgium, they are proudly announcing the first-ever Belgian Beer Festival at Ashley's Westland, February 16-20, 2011.

More than 100 different brews from the Land of Hercule Poirot will be available, roughly 40 on draft and 60 in bottles. We're talking gueuze, we're talking Trappists, we're talking dubbels and tripels, we're talking sours. We're talking.... duuuuude.

The five-day event kicks off with a "Sour Fest" on Feb. 16, featuring nearly two dozen sour brews including plenty of gueuze and lambics. Four new kegs will be tapped every hour until the 40ish taps at Westland are pouring Belgian nectar.  As kegs run out, others will be brought online, for a total of over 60 different drafts. Around 60 other bottled varieties will be available as well. Many of these beers have never been served in Michigan before.

Jef Versele. Photo courtesy of Jeff More.
The next evening, Feb. 17, seventh-generation Van Steenberge brewery owner Jef Versele and his chef will present a Belgian beer dinner. Van Steenberge produces such brews as Gulden Draak, Piraat, and Augustijn ales, which will be used in the preparation of the dinner. Versele is also sticking around for Friday's events and tastings to mingle with festgoers.

Registration for the festival is not required and there's no admission fee.  However, if you're interested (i.e., not crazy), check for details on reserving your spot and getting access to special programs, activities, and discounts.  Also check the official festival Facebook page and Twitter stream for breaking news. A list of beers is here.

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  1. Dave,
    Check in with Jeff or Monica for an advance 'heads-up'. We've got a preview week-long event - "A Taste of Belgium" coming to Ashley's Ann Arbor in January. Something to do during cold winter weeks - drink good beer and eat tasty food.