Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dark Corner Update

Totally not the right Dark Corner and totally not used with permission.

Two releases of the much-anticipated collabo-beer Dark Corner are coming up. The first, at Corner Brewery, is March 29 from 6-8pm and is like a typical Arbor beer release: beer, munchies, the usual gang of drunks, free for Mug Club members and $10 for e'erbody else.

The second release is April 1 at Ashley's, where batches of the 2011 edition of Dark Corner brewed at both Corner and Dark Horse will be on tap, as well as several additional specialty beers from each brewery.

From Arbor/Corner:
  • Hell Comes to Hoptown Brown
  • Espresso Love Breakfast Stout
  • Flamboyant Wild Red (second year)
  • Ryeclops IPA
  • Phat Abbott Tripel (cask)

From Dark Horse:
  • Plead the Fifth Imperial Stout
  • Double Crooked Tree IPA
  • Raspberry Black Ice
  • Super Juice Imperial IPA
  • Ginger in the Rye Imperial Red/Ginger/Rye/Barrel Aged Whatever

The only question left is, What the hell is Dark Corner? From the Corner website:
We are pleased to present this limited release collaboration beer jointly designed and brewed at the Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti and Dark Horse Brewing Co. in Marshall.

Dark Corner is a celebration of the creativity and passion that Michigan brewers Matt Greff and Aaron Morse bring to their craft. It is also a tribute to their cooperative spirit and sense of community.

This year’s recipe is a slight variation on the original Dark Corner '07. It is an imperial brown ale with lots of rich malts for a pleasing palate with hints of toasted bread and caramel. Hops are floral and understated, which contributes to its balance and drinkability.

The 6 packs are custom-drawn collectibles. Next year’s Dark Corner will be a new brew with a new story.

Food Pairings: Great with your favorite grilled meats and veggies, nutty or earthy cheeses, or all by itself out of a frosty mug on the back porch.

Tasting Notes: A nice bold summer beer with a huge floral hoppy nose, medium body, and a well balanced palate full of bready caramelly malts balanced by rich floral hops. Medium carbonation contributes to the drinkability of this unique ale.
Sounds good to me. I bet even Lucy would love this one.

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