Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Dinner with Andre Beer

I'm sure I'm showing my age with that reference to the 1981 Louis Malle film, written by and starring Wallace "Never Go Against a Sicilian When Death Is On the Line" Shawn, but that's OK. Beer is an all ages show. Well, all ages above 21. At least in this backwards country. (I mean, really, you can connect directly to the filthiest porn sites, but you're supposed to enter your age to read about beer on the Internet?) Whatever, I'm already digressing.

Beer dinners! You love 'em! Ann Arbor has 'em! I've been to two in the past month, and tonight there are two more going on simultaneously, one at the venerable Metzger's German Restaurant and the other at the up-and-coming Grange Kitchen & Bar.

At 6m, Metzger's hosts its annual German Bier Dinner. $49 all-inclusive gets you five courses of delectable dishes and brews from the land of Goethe, Bismarck, and Klum (Heidi, of course). Call 734-668-8987 to reserve your place, if it hasn't yet sold out.

Grange also offers up five courses, but inspired by a food culture a little closer to home: Michigan! Beers from Arbor Brewing, Arcadia, New Holland, Dark Horse, and Founders are paired up with dishes that reflect spring in the Great Lakes State. $50, excluding taxes and tip. Call 734-995-2107 to reserve, with if-not-sold-out caveat. Menu is here.

Bon appétit! Or, as the Germans might say, guten appetit!

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