Monday, June 27, 2011

Craft Beer Sale at Meijer

As I Twitterized yesterday, I discovered some happy news while grocery shopping at the Meijer on Ann Arbor-Saline Rd. Sixpacks of New Holland, Bell's, and Founders are all on sale through July 2 at $7.99 each, which is a great deal especially in our era of growing price inflation.

At the time of my visit, there was, from New Holland, The Poet Stout, Mad Hatter IPA, Golden Cap Saison, and Sundog Amber Ale. Bell's sixpacks included Pale Ale, Oberon, and Two-Hearted. And Founders had Porter, Red's Rye PA, and Dirty Bastard Scotch Ale. There may have been others, but those are the ones I definitely saw.

So, in other words, this is a great opportunity to stock up on some great Michigan beers and save a few bucks. Hopefully, y'all will also save a few of those sixpacks for me, when I go back again later this week...

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  1. Somehow, the Ypsi Meijer on Carpenter is not having the same sales.