Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Annual Downtown Ann Arbor Oberon Pub Crawl Returns March 21

Obligatory photo from seven years ago or so.

Nothing says spring in Michigan like the release of Oberon Ale, the iconic seasonal wheat beer from Bell's. Its return signals warm days and summer fun just ahead. This year's official release date is Monday, March 21.

In recent years, a new tradition has developed: the Downtown Ann Arbor Oberon Pub crawl. The event has increased in popularity each year and is now, with the possible exception of Kalamazoo, home of Bell's Eccentric Cafe, the largest Oberon release celebration in the state. Certainly, thanks to Ann Arbor's walkability, it's the largest such pub crawl.

Planning on joining the Bells team for some, most, or all of the March 21 crawl? Here's the (always somewhat tentative, timewise) schedule:

For your added convenience, see the Google map below for all that information in visual form:

Bell's and/or Oberon attire is not required, but is certainly encouraged and also increases the likelihood someone from Bell's buys you a glass or two.

Finally, if you feel like staying up late the night before, there are Sunday midnight Oberon tappings planned at Ashley's and Sidetrack in Ypsilanti.

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