Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cheap, Tasty Trader Joe's Beers Help to Make the Season Tight

Those in the know have been aware for a long time that Trader Joe's sells some pretty tasty brews under its own label, as well as under other names. Two great examples around this time of year include the JosephsBrau Winterfest Lager and the Trader Joe's Vintage Ale. The former is $6 a sixpack of bottles and the latter is $5 for a 750ml bottle. I wrote about these last year.

Where do these beers come from? An article making the rounds among craft beer lovers notes where the various TJ branded beers are brewed — and it's from the respectable likes of Gordon Biersch, Firestone Walker, Goose Island, and Unibroue, but at a lower price than you might otherwise find for these breweries' own products.

So if you're looking for some good, economical beer to drink while you sit down to wrap all those expensive Christmas presents this week, you could do worse than bringing home a few of these brews.

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