Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Short Pour Welcomes Extended Beer O'Clock

Introducing The Short Pour, an irregular series of quick newsy (or not) bits that, for one reason or another, didn't or don't quite fit into The Week in Beer.

  • Night owls (and drunks), rejoice! The Corner Brewery is now open until 1am on Fridays and Saturdays. By my calculations, that's one more hour of beer o'clock.
  • Belgium in your backyard. Ashley's has released even more details on their Feb. 16-20 Belgian Beer Festival. Did you know Audrey Hepburn was born in Belgium? Now you do.
  • Are you ready for some free pizza? Wolverine State Brewing has extended hours this Sunday for the NFL playoffs (can I say that without getting sued?), and they're offering free pizza while supplies last. Don't think there's anything I can add to "free pizza." Did I say free pizza? Free pizza.
  • Don't blink or you'll miss it. Apropos of nothing, here's a blurry picture of Ron Jeffries labeling bottles of Bambic, a blend of Jolly Pumpkin's Bam Bière and Lambicus Dexterius, coming soon. This will be exceedingly hard to get, but at least you have a fighting chance if you live in Ohio or Ann Arbor. (Live in Ohio? Ewww.)
  • Jumping the shark. Are craft beers and those who drink them becoming too pretentious?  Wolverine's E.T. Crowe takes on this topical, um, topic on her blog. Pour yourself a glass of Double Secret Bourbon Oak Aged Chocolate Chipotle Rye Stout and join in the discussion, Jeeves.
  • Peering into the crystal pint glass. What beers will be coming up at Wolverine, and how pretentious are they? Said Wench also discusses.

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  1. fun posts Beer Guy and not just 'cause Wench is in 2 of 'em. I like the short form -- keep up the great work!