Tuesday, April 19, 2011

48 Hours of Rat Pad

Attention, lovers of small-batch experimental beers, here's some good news for you from the Corner Brewery's Facebook page:
The third Wednesday of every month we release a special small-batch beer called the Rat Pad, however, this month we are doing 48 hours of Rat Pad. We’ll have one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday. The Rat Pad is a 10 gallon brew system at Corner Brewery used by local amateur and professional brewers to create interesting fermented concoctions for your drinking pleasure.

Rat Pads are released at 6pm and are available while supplies last. If there is any left at 9pm, you can take the Rat home with you in a growler.

This month the Rat Pads are:

The Hoppity Scotch Ale was brewed by Mike O’Brien and Jim Vandenbosch’s microbiology class at EMU. To best describe it, it’s an amped up dry hopped Tally Wacker Scotch Ale, ABV 6%, IBU 45. A smoky, rich, malty scotch ale with a hop character reminiscent of a pale ale. Served at 6 on Tuesday April 19

Mole, Mole, Mole was brewed by our very own Aaron Stryker. It’s a robust chocolatey porter, ABV 7.3%, IBU 40. Brewed up with chopped up chilies and all UK First Gold hops. Served at 6 on Wednesday April 20th.
You know what to do!

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