Friday, April 8, 2011

The Short Pour Has a License to Ale

Beer: It does a body good.

  • We be ale-in'. Check out "What ales Ann Arbor," a short article in nationally distributed DRAFT magazine profiling four of our city's five fine brewing establishments. There's a plug for that wine stuff, too.
  • Get your jollies. Whenever the current keg of Siren Amber Ale blows — perhaps as soon as Monday — Jolly Pumpkin Café will replace it with (drum roll) La Roja, which hasn't been on tap in ages. The bad news: The release of Biere de Mars Grand Reserve has been delayed to late April.
  • Give me Liberty. On April 20, Foran's Grand Trunk Pub in Detroit is hosting a dinner featuring Liberty Street Brewing beers. At the same time, LSBC will be releasing 42nd Parallel, an imperial IPA with buttloads of Columbus hops to up the bitterness and aroma factors. It will be available in special bottles at the Foran's dinner and in casks served throughout the area — keep your eyes peeled. 
  • Cruisin' for homebrew. Dates for homebrewers to remember: May 9, Grizzly Peak's Mug Club Brew-Off competition, and June 4, the 5th Annual ABC Brews Crews competition. Details on Brew-Off here; stay tuned to the Ann Arbor Brewers Guild for Brews Crews rules and entry instructions.
  • What's in store. Speaking of homebrewing, the Adventures in Homebrewing store at 6071 Jackson Rd. in Scio Township is still not quite ready to open; however, they do have a brewing demo scheduled for May 21, so draw your own conclusion. Follow their Facebook page for updates.
  • Wolverines!!! Tons of WSBC news, ably covered by my colleagues at Kalamabrew.  Also, two of the brewery's four new bourbon oak barrels, acquired from Kentucky distillers McLain & Kyne, will soon be aging the new 'Round 12 Dunkel and the Beer Formerly Known As Biscuitville. The other two? TBD. All I gotta say is:

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  1. You are KILLING me with the 80s movies!! I challenge you to get the Say Anything scene with Cusack and the "jam box"...every woman loves that, including me who normally does not love what everyone else does :)