Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You Say You Want a Lager Revolution?

Matt Roy, E.T. Crowe, and Oliver Roberts of Wolverine celebrate a year of beer.

The latest news out of Wolverine State Brewing Co. just hit my inbox, and I had a feeling readers of this blog just might be interested:


After a successful first year of business, The Wolverine State Brewing Company declares 2012 the Year of the Lager Revolution.

As many people already know, Wolverine is the only microbrewery in the nation focused only on making lager beers for beer lovers of all kinds. Concentrating on the lager niche gives the company a distinct message and a focused goal: blowing people’s minds by doing things with lager styles that have never been done before. The company launched the revolution with a series of premium lagers that appeal to a wide spectrum of beer drinkers. In 2012 Wolverine will ramp up the revolution as it rolls out an expanding array of creative, experimental, and extreme lagers.

A perfect example of Wolverine’s revolution is Gulo Gulo. Brewed within the framework of the German Purity Law, Gulo Gulo is the world’s first “India Pale Lager.” “We’re out to prove that lager doesn’t mean watered down beer. We’re out to challenge people to see lager in a whole new way,” said Matt Roy, President and Founder of the company.

Other revolutionary lager projects for 2012 include an Imperial Black India Pale Lager, aged in bourbon barrels for nearly a year, hybrids such as our already popular California Common style beer (Common Reaction) and a true Mexican Lager based on ancient German brewing principals.

Building on the profitability of its first year, the company has expansion plans in the works including a function room behind the existing Tap Room rentable for private events up to 60 people. The brewing capacity will also increase by 270 barrels with the addition of three thirty-barrel fermentation vessels by year’s end.

Distribution plans include re-opening the market in Grand Rapids in the first half of 2012 and new placements in Washtenaw and Livingston County territories, with the addition of sales staff dedicated to new areas and support of existing sales.

Three Wolverine premium lagers are currently available on store shelves and in bars and restaurants in Southeast Michigan: Wolverine Premium Lager and Wolverine Dark Lager, and Wolverine Winter Lager. A fourth flagship offering, Wolverine Amber Lager, will launch in 2012 and be available year round.

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