Friday, March 23, 2012

Downtown Ann Arbor Oberon Pub Crawl Is Go

A-crawling we will go.

Call in sick or just quit your job and get on the Oberon train Monday afternoon for a pub crawl around downtown Ann Arbor. Join the fine folks from Rave Associates, the local distributor of Oberon and other Bell's beers, and David Munro, brewery representative, who will be passing out shirts, hats, suntan lotion, pins, and other swag like it was candy on Halloween. Also drinking beer and telling lies.

The informal crawl begins around 1 p.m. at the Old Town Tavern before moving to the Arena, Bar Louie, Sava's, Ashley's, and Cottage Inn. From there, a contingent will also likely proceed to Dominick's, but only if they can stagger straight. Figure about an hour at each establishment, but since this is a pub crawl, there is a certain herding cats element. If I'm on the crawl (my own important work permitting), watch me on the Twitters for info about where the group is.

Here, have a map:

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