Monday, August 22, 2016

Stroh's: The Return of a Detroit Icon

A month ago, I wrote a quick piece for the Metro Times about Stroh's beer being brewed in Detroit again after three decades in exile. Last week, I was invited to try the new version of Stroh's Bohemian Pilsner, hot off the taps at Brew Detroit, a contract brewing facility in Corktown. Today, the beer is available in bottled form at stores around the area.

So, you're wondering, what does it taste like? Here's the official label description:
Established in 1850, the Stroh Brewery Co. is proud to honor our brewing heritage by reintroducing Stroh's Bohemian-Style Pilsner. Our Master Brewer has crafted an exceptional European-style pilsner brewed in the heart of Detroit, using Saaz and Magnum hops with Vienna malt. The result is a crisp, balanced pilsner, with a floral aroma, subtle hop spice, and a rich, bready maltiness. Brewed for everyday enjoyment, this is a Bohemian-Style Pilsner worthy of the Stroh's name.
As I sip on one now, that description seems pretty accurate. The nose is mainly biscuity with only a hint of floral hoppiness. It's light amber in color and medium-bodied, with a solid foamy white head. The taste is of sweet malt, followed by a balancing bitterness in the finish. It's definitely not a fizzy yellow drink, but at 33 IBUs and 5.5% ABV, neither is it in any danger of becoming a darling of BeerAdvocate dorks.

Verdict: The new Stroh's Bohemian Pilsner is pretty much as advertised – a decent everyday drinker with enough flavor to satisfy but not so much as to overwhelm. I have heard tell the price is on the order of $6.99 a six-pack, but have not confirmed this. Now if they would put these in 30-packs of cans, you'd have a great beer for boating, camping, golfing, or passing out with your underage friends in your parents' basement.*

Update 8/23: Seems as if there may be some kind of distribution snag, with some outlets reporting they don't expect to receive the beer until the end of this week or early next. In Ann Arbor, the Busch's on Plymouth Rd. had space saved on the shelf for six packs (in the "domestic" area), with a listed price of $8.49; however, no beer was there. Seems folks may need to wait a wee bit longer.

Update 8/24: Looks like it will be coming Friday, according to this Instagram post from distributor O&W.
* Not that I ever drank when I was underage.

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