Monday, October 3, 2016

Arbor Microbrewery to Host Beer Off-Flavor Class

Certified Cicerone Annette May. 

What does it mean when a beer is "skunky" or "oxidized"? What makes a beer taste like butterscotch, green apples, or creamed corn? What's the difference between an ester and a phenol?

If you want to know all of this stuff and more, then you'll want to check out Fermenta's upcoming Beer Off-Flavor class, taking place Sunday, November 6, at the Arbor Brewing Microbrewery in Ypsilanti. Using the Siebel Institute's Sensory Training Kit, Certified Cicerone and beer educator par excellence Annette May will take you through the eight most common off-flavors in beer, including their causes and how to recognize them.

This class is essential for homebrewers, folks studying for the BJCP exam, those pursuing Cicerone certification of any level, or any beer enthusiast looking to deepen his or her knowledge of the world's best beverage. Tickets are $30 for Fermenta members or $35 for non-members. For more information and to purchase, go here.

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  1. Arbor Brewing Company (ABC) India opened its doors on December 1, 2012 to a teeming city of 9 million thirsting for good beer. The brewery is literally a dream come true for Bangalore native Gaurav Sikka who fell in love with craft beer at the Arbor Brewing Company Pub & Eatery while studying at the University of Michigan.