Monday, May 8, 2017

Arbor Brewing Eyes Expansion Through New Business Partnership

Arbor Brewing owners Rene and Matt Greff will continue to be involved following a pending transaction that will see Arbor join a new business group, details of which are to be announced later this week.

Early this morning the Metro Times reported that Arbor Brewing Co. was being sold to the owners of Bigalora, the gourmet pizza restaurant chain with locations in Ann Arbor, Royal Oak, Rochester Hills, and Southfield, among others. A few hours ago, Jessica Haynes of The Ann Arbor News provided further details, quoting Mike Collins, a principal for Farm + Ferment, Bigalora's parent group, as follows:
"We're in the final stage of discussions about a partnership with Arbor Brewing Company, and will provide detailed and accurate information in a formal announcement once a transaction is complete."
I reached out to Rene Greff, co-owner of Arbor, for comment and received a similar statement in reply. Here's what she said:
"We are in the final stages of discussions for a partnership and will be sending a press release as soon as details have been finalized. I can tell you that Arbor will be joining a group of Michigan-based businesses, that Matt and I are going to continue to be involved, and that other than expansion, there will be no major changes."
Stay tuned for more details as this story continues to develop.

Update 5/10: Rene Greff today issued a longer official statement:
"Arbor Brewing Company is joining the Michigan-based Farm+Ferment family of businesses. ABC founders Matt and Rene Greff will continue to be involved with the business, both the brewpub and the microbrewery will continue business as usual, and all employees will be retained. The new partners plan to build on the success of the ABC brand and will be announcing renovation and expansion plans in the coming months."
Still waiting for a press release with more details. Continue to stay tuned.

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