Friday, October 20, 2017

Join Washington Street's Brewers for a Collaborative October 24 Pub Crawl

Join the head brewers of Grizzly Peak, Blue Tractor, and Arbor Brewing Brewpub for a brewery crawl celebrating their new collaborative beer, Scarlet Jacket.

You might as well call Ann Arbor's Washington Street "Beer Street." The three brewpubs that grace this downtown artery – Arbor Brewing BrewpubGrizzly Peak, and Blue Tractor – are all among the top 10 producing brewpubs in the state of Michigan. In fact, between the three of them, they accounted for about 12 percent of all the brewpub-produced beer sold here in the Mitten (more than 2,800 barrels) in 2016.*

On Tuesday, October 24, join the head brewers of each of these esteemed establishments for a special pub crawl celebrating the release of their collaborative brew, Scarlet Jacket. The beer was inspired by two recipes from postwar England.

"Ron Pattinson runs a website where he and British brewer Kristen England re-create old recipes," says Grizzly Peak head brewer Duncan Williams. "We blended two recipes from 1945-46 to create a typical low-gravity beer that was brewed before, during, and after World War II."

Each brewery brewed its own version of Scarlet Jacket. The name is an homage to Tetley's, a long-running British beer brand whose historical logo incorporated a redcoat-wearing fox huntsman, according to Blue Tractor head brewer Pat Meehan.

The crawl begins in the Grizzly Peak Den bar at 6 p.m., moves to Arbor at 6:45, then finished up at Blue Tractor at 7:30 p.m. Each location will have a cask of the beer on hand, and Williams and Meehan will be joined by Arbor head brewer Chris Davies.

Previously, the three brewpubs collaborated on Washingtonacity, a traditional English-style bitter.

* Numbers from Michigan Beer Guide.

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