Monday, October 9, 2017

Ann Arbor, Michigan: The Nucleation Point of Craft Beer

Source: Great Lakes Brewing News

(Note: I wrote a couple features on the Ann Arbor brewing scene for the current (October/November 2017) issue of Great Lakes Brewing News. The first, "Ann Arbor, Michigan: The Nucleation Point of Craft Beer," is about the big influence our little city has had on the larger craft beer world.)

What is the measure of a “good beer city”? Is it the number of breweries in and around town? The consistent high quality and drinkability of the beers made there? The general availability and choice of fine brews? Certainly all of these things are important yardsticks when determining whether a particular town is worthy of becoming a “beer-cation” destination. But there’s an additional, less tangible factor that is at least as important: a city’s overall beer culture. By that admittedly trickier-to-quantify standard, Ann Arbor, Michigan, is a beer city par excellence. A quick tour through this Midwestern college town’s quietly influential brewing past, present, and potential future provides ample evidence.

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