Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Two New Breweries Coming to Ann Arbor

Coming soon to Ann Arbor: MOAR BEER.

As reported by The Ann Arbor News's Matt Durr, husband and wife Jason and Tori Tomalia are hard at work planning the opening of their Pointless Brewery & Theatre, a combination microbrewery and improv venue on the city's east side:
The Tomalias have signed a lease to occupy space in the former Makkara Sushi grocery store located at 3014 Packard Rd. in Ann Arbor and plan to open the theater this summer...

Tori and Jason each have a background in theater and Jason has been brewing beer at home for about six years now. By combining improv theater and great beer, the couple thinks there is potential to revive the interest in improv in Ann Arbor and the surrounding communities.

The plan is to have the bar open in the afternoon and evenings during the week and to have live improv shows on Friday and Saturday nights at 8 and 10 p.m. Each live show will feature two or three improv groups including one group that will be a permanent fixture at the theater.
The couple also have a Kickstarter campaign running for the next few weeks, currently under just half of the $50,000 they hope to raise to get the doors open. You can follow Pointless's progress on Facebook and Twitter.

Also coming to Ann Arbor in the near future is Glasshouse Brewing, situated on the city's west side on W. Liberty St. by Wagner Rd. between Stadium and Maple. The owners are (what else?) waiting for drag-ass bureaucratic approval but are otherwise chomping at the bit to move forward quickly once the politicos have blessed the project. I'll have more information about Glasshouse soon.

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