Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Session #124: Late, Lamented Loves

Sorry, Internet. I dropped the beer ball on this one.

Back in January, I approached the esteemed Stan Hieronymus and Jay Brooks about hosting the June edition of The Session, an ongoing monthly series where beer bloggers around the web opine on a common topic. In the intervening months, I got unexpectedly busy with both personal and professional things and plum forgot about this.

Nevertheless, I think the chosen subject, "Late, Lamented Loves," is still worth talking about. I mean a beer you remember fondly but which is no longer in production.

It needn't be an objectively "great" beer, though it could be. It could also be a nostalgic or youthful memory. It could be a "go-to" you still reflexively want to reach for. It could be all of these things.

Maybe the brewery and the beer are both long gone. Maybe the brewery is still around but just decided for whatever reason not to continue producing the glorious nectar you still pine for.

Whatever the case, there's probably at least one beer that's already leapt to your mind that fits into this description. Maybe even more than one, and, if so, feel free to go there.

Normally, if the designated host does his job properly, Session participants get a month to collect their thoughts. But because I suck, you get one day. I'll post about my own late, lamented loves tomorrow, the designated day, and for anyone up to the challenge, send me your own thoughts on beers you miss for me to include. Email notices to me at or tweet at me at @allthebrews.

If you still want to participate, but need more time than a day, hit me up anyway. I'll continuously update in the days and weeks ahead as necessary. Because I'm a dope.

So... what are your late, lamented beer loves?


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